8 Capabilities to Power Your EHR

How AccuReg Fills Critical Gaps and Increases ROI

To thrive in a competitive market, hospitals need technology that enables the modern digital experience patients expect, while protecting and growing revenue.

That’s an ask that extends beyond an EHR's core capabilities.

Download your copy of the white paper to learn how combining AccuReg’s integrated patient access, intake and engagement solutions with your EHR enhances its value and effectiveness, fills critical gaps and increases ROI as you deploy digital self-service technology.

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AccuReg, the market leader in patient access, provides health systems and hospitals with a single platform that integrates patient access, intake and engagement to enable consumerism, consolidate vendors and increase net revenue. Our platform utilizes an advanced rules engine, artificial intelligence and intuitive digital tools that allow patients to complete error-free pre-registration and registration, use a digital front door and virtual waiting room at check-in, make payments from price estimates and communicate bi-directionally in real time. We ensure the data integrity required to eliminate denials, collections and write-offs to protect net revenue.

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